Core Values


Core Values are fundamental, they are at our core. They are unchanging by definition: Core means at the centre, the heart, the foundation, the base, the Core Values are principles, morals, ethics and ideals.

Here at Miles Ahead, we pride ourselves on these values; they are the very essence of what we are about. We have strong values focused on:

Open & Honest Communication

This is our most important core value. We pride ourselves on honestly and providing open communication with our clients, their accountants, stakeholders, and any person in which we are required to deal with on our clients behalf. Often we deal with delicate issues, however open and honest communication always ensures matters are dealt with in the best way possible.


Integrity in what we say and in what we do. We admit that we are human and that mistakes may happen. We have implemented the Pure Bookkeeping system to minimise the chance and occurrence of mistakes. However when there is an error in our bookkeeping we fix it free of charge, and treat each occurrence as a learning experience. We always strive to improve ourselves and our services.

Consistency & Reliability

To be consistent and reliable is to be dependable and trustworthy. This Core Value is related to the product we sell to our clients. We provide data entry, reconciliations, BAS compliance obligations and reporting. Consistent and reliable bookkeeping leads to dependable and trustworthy reporting. Reporting provided efficiently and on time, empowers the client around their finances. This enables them to create confident business strategies for growth.

Continual Improvement

We embrace continual improvement as a part of our core values to ensure that we are always moving forward. We actively work towards fulfilling our Vision Statement. The reason Continual Improvement is one of our Core Vales is that it’s vital to our very existence.

Our Promise

Our promise is to our clients, and we value our relationship with them as they are our life source. At the commencement of every engagement we sit with our clients and discuss our promise to them. We each make promises about the services we are going to deliver. We discuss how we are going to manage our relationship and it means the world to us. It is the embodiment of our combined core values and others that aren’t listed, that will enable us to deliver to our clients a “Five Star Service”.