Memberships & Affiliations

MYOB Bookkeeping Partner

We are a MYOB Bookkeeping Partner. We can assist you by recommending a suitable product from its range. This means we can easily get you set up and business ready, and even teach you how to use your new software. Our goal is to arm you with all the tools for success when using the chosen platform.

We are well suited to help you customise your forms, set up your accounts lists, tax codes and more. We can also help you get your emails working directly from your new software for easy emailing to your clients.

MYOB is the preferred accounting platform at Miles Ahead, with all of our bookkeepers proficient with its use. Click for more Information


Members of The Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN)

We are members of The Australian Bookkeepers Network, the leading industry group for Australian Bookkeepers. The membership provides up to date information, and expert advice in areas that require technical finesse. Our membership provides access to templates and formats that can we can implemented into the everyday running of any business. Being a Member of the ABN, helps us to provide best practice bookkeeping to your books. Click for more information


Pure Bookkeeping Licensee

Accredited Member and Licensee of the Pure Bookkeeping System.

The system comprises detailed processes and standard procedures for best practice bookkeeping. Furthermore it ensures that our clients’ books will always be in their best possible shape. Click for more information