Mission Statement

“Our highly skilled and experienced team love to empower business owners in their financial matters by

removing confusion, fear and uncertainty
replacing it with clarity, freedom and control.”

So what does that really mean?

To empower – in its simplest form is to make powerful or to give power to. If you are making business owners powerful around their finances what impact do you think that will have on them? How do you think that will make them feel? When someone is made to feel powerful, that emanates from their pores and has a positive flow-on effect on people they connect with – their staff, suppliers and customers, their families and friends.

Before we started with our clients many of them felt confused, fearful and uncertain. They are not empowered – quite the opposite, they are impotent, helpless and ineffective. Additionally, they are fearful about a lot of things but mostly because they are out of control and because they know that the ATO will catch up eventually.

Some clients have never received financial reports or if they have no-one has explained what they mean. They have a lot of information in their head and they are overburdened by the weight of it all. A great deal rests on their ability to pull this off and they don’t know if they can. They could lose the business, their homes and sometimes their marriages.
That’s what we call “The Bookkeeping Monster”

Then we arrive! What’s our Mission? To empower business owners, by removing confusion, fear and uncertainty and replacing it with clarity, freedom and control. So we get in there and clean up the mess which provides clarity. It’s a scary business dealing with the Bookkeeping Monster but knowledge is power and at the end of the process they at least know what their true situation is and can take action.

They experience freedom in the form of being able to choose what is going to happen next in their business and their lives. This puts them back in control.

They are finally in charge. They feel it, their families notice it and so do their employees, suppliers and customers.