Business Health Check

Business Health Check

We offer an obligation free, cost free “health check” valued at around $150. This is a compulsory undertaking for any new clients, and assists us in deciding if our services will be of value to you, and in what ways we can help you. See further for what we do in a health check:
Who: One of our experienced bookkeepers will perform the business health check
What: We will do a thorough check of your software to find out if there are any errors due to;

  • incorrect set up of the data file
  • incorrectly recorded transactions
  • duplicated transactions

A heath check is what determines the integrity of your data file. You might believe your file is up-to-date, but the truth is that your data file may have errors in it that you didn’t even know about due to;

  • a bad bookkeeper or inexperienced staff
  • doing your own bookkeeping
  • We need to make sure the file is in fact in the condition that you tell us that it is before we can accurately assess what your bookkeeping needs will be.

This check is compulsory for all business before we will consider taking you on as a client and must be done before we can determine whether your business is;

  • a “rescue job”
  • ready for ongoing bookkeeping services

Using cloud software we can do the health check online or over the phone, however we are more than able to visit your premises if necessary. Please let us know.