Business Support Solutions

Paperless Filing Solutions

Lost and misplaced documents and files are a thing of the past when you move to a paperless solution. Using Electronic fax technology as well as cloud storage systems, we can help you be rid of your overflowing filing cabinet. Documents are stored securely off-site and can be synchronised on to your computer for instant access at any time. It may sound scary, but these systems have been used by large companies for 20 years. They are now readily available to any size business at a very low cost.

Debtor Management & Follow Up

We all know that the sooner you send your bill, the quicker you get paid – not to mention that the squeaky wheel gets the most oil! Miles Ahead can design a procedure to enable prompt and professional invoicing and follow up. We can chase outstanding accounts on your behalf, which keeping you working on the next job, and improves your cash-flow.

We are also well equipped to assist you with the administration that comes with keeping up with debtor financing solutions.

Creditor Management & Liaison

It is a fairly common thing to overlook an invoice for payment, or not quite have cash on hand at just the right time. Before you know it you might find your self avoiding taking calls from unknown phone numbers. We can easily & efficiently process and manage your creditors, from invoice entry, statement reconciliation, liaison with creditors, setting of payment plans and processing of payments. We are well situated to handle any creditor situation.

Payroll Management & Processing

The time book is just the start. Miles Ahead can assist you by organising and processing payroll. We will  produce payslips showing correct rates, overtime & allowances, Tax Withheld, superannuation, work cover, PAY-G Payment Summaries and more. Additionally we can also track sick, annual, and long service leave as well as arranging direct credit of wages and emailing of payslips. We can liaise with your Super Funds, Work Cover, or even the Payroll tax authorities, and lodge your returns.