Specialist Training & Spreadsheets

Software Support & Training

We can provide tailored on-site MYOB, & MS Excel training for you at all levels. We can help you with getting started, through to high-level procedure & design to improve efficiency. Our team at Miles Ahead also have extensive experience in fixing “disasters”!

Speciality Spreadsheets & Training

Spreadsheets are a powerful tool for business. Spreadsheets are both Flexible and Powerful and enable users to feel empowered around their finances. They offer the ability to analyse and use business information to make informed decisions using a customised solution.

At Miles Ahead we have a lot of experience with spreadsheets and have used them as a means of crunching large amounts of data with minimum effort. We can easily manipulate a spreadsheet to produce graphical displays of data. Additionally we have structure them so that they are capable of updating in real time, and accomplished extraordinarily complex calculations.

We are happy to assist with putting together spreadsheet solutions for your business. Our spreadsheet design and training services are available to you, simply contact us for an obligation free consultation and quote.

Examples & Ideas for Spreadsheets

The versatility of spreadsheets allows them to be automated, or alternatively locked to help preserve data integrity. Here are just some examples of when they might be useful:

  • If you find that you do not have the time or patience to sift through pages of numbers, myriad tables, or a list so long you can’t find the end of it. No matter how impressive these look to the creator, a simplified or alternate spreadsheet can be the solution.
  • You may find that the accounting soft ware you have just doesn’t give you a full picture, or isn’t quite generating a report to your needs, and you require something more specialised.
  • Just about any task can be made easier by a speciality spreadsheet, or any variation of reports can be combined to prepare a mega report. It can be onerous doing this if you must start from scratch every time; automation is often the key to unlocking your reporting brilliance!
  • Spreadsheets can present data in a few simple graphs, making it simple to understand at a glance. The graphs can show trends over time and be very useful in the analysis of financial data.